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Personalised Bucks Weekend for Darcy!

Gold Coast   >   03 Feb, 2018

Thank you to everyone who helped organise the best weekend ever!! You were so good to us from first call to last which made it easy as.

Thanks again! And especially to Tash!


Make it Rain for Aaron!

Sydney   >   27 Jan, 2018
Hi Ashley,

The day went well and all the lads enjoyed themselves. Most of the guys are from Darwin NT and never got to experience Sydney beforehand so it was extra awesome to be on the private yacht there. Thanks for all the work and help you guys did which helped achieved this.



The Truly Awesome Weekend for Simon!

Melbourne   >   13 Jan, 2018
Hey Lisa,

You said this one was Truly Awesome and it sure was. We had such a great weekend and I can't even tell you what was the best as it was all awesome. I was really worried about planning a Bucks party good enough for Ben but you just made it so easy and I didn't have to worry about anything.
I have definitely referred you to all my mates and told them to book with you because everything was so easy. I also have a footy trip coming up later this year so we will talk again.

Thanks for just sorting it all out and giving us the best Bucks weekend ever.


Bucks Night Dessert With Jelly Wrestling For James!

Brisbane   >   02 Dec, 2017
Well Heather - WOW!
That was a seriously epic bucks night and the guys all had a blast. The waitresses were amazing + the jelly wrestling was perfect. Cheers for a great night. James.

Go All Out Bucks Weekend for Luke!

Gold Coast   >   11 Nov, 2017

Good Morning Tash,

As you are aware, my brothers bucks day was on Saturday and I wanted to let you know we had a great time!

I wanted to start off by saying that the team at My Ultimate Bucks have been absolutely AMAZING and a pleasure to deal with. You have all been so information, helpful, knowledgeable and I will be recommending your organisation to friends and family in the future!

The day was awesome and my brother got everything he wanted for the weekend. Happy Buck, Happy Me!

Thanks Again,


Feels Like A Million Bucks for Brayden!

Melbourne   >   08 Oct, 2017

Just a note to say we had a great night thanks to My Ultimate!
Best bucks night ever and couldn't have done it without you - look at those happy smiles.


Law Of The Stag for Dean!

Sydney   >   02 Sep, 2017
Heya Tracey! thankyou for all the work u have put into the bucks night. Tim and the rest of the guys had a great time and it was great. everything was awesome. With a big hug and a cheeky kiss on the cheek I thankyou :) :P !!!!

Can't Organise A Pissup for Nemeshia!

Sydney   >   17 Jun, 2017

Hi Heather,

We had a great weekend! The brewery tour driver on Saturday was excellent and really easy to deal with and the beers were fantastic. You were a great help in organising everything.
Thanks again for everything. I'd definitely recommend you guys to anyone who is planning a bucks or hens.


Booze Cruise for Cam!

Melbourne   >   08 Apr, 2017

Good morning Tash

Thanks for organising the booze cruise last Saturday. It was a really fun experience and I’m pleased to say that everyone had a great time, we would definitely do it again tomorrow if we could. The topless waitress was gorgeous and the boat was awesome. Can't wait to organise another Bucks with you.

Just What The Doctor Ordered for Andrew!

Sydney   >   18 Mar, 2017

Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you!

When I called you on Friday I wasn't expecting a lot but you absolutely nailed it Tash and I don't know why we didn't call you earlier. I figured we would just be hanging out in a pub but that private room was epic and the girls were so freaking hot!!!!!!!!! The Buck Tom thought it was the best night ever and the crew all had a blast.

you're a superstar!


The Perfect Gun Rack for Carly!

Melbourne   >   25 Feb, 2017

Hi Tash,

The guys said everything was just brilliant :) Thank you.

I didn't think we would be able to get everyone to agree on something but you have such great packages that the hardest part was picking one! The Clay Target Shooting we chose was such a great experience and the dinner after was perfection. The guys evidently enjoyed it as they didn't get in until dawn and were all still smiling!

Thank everyone in your Team for making it so easy to organise!

Much Love,

Why Reinvent The Wheel for Adam!

Melbourne   >   03 Dec, 2016

Hi Ash,

Working with your team was a really easy and great experience. Definitely helped me out when I was in a bind and thrown a curve ball with organising this at last minute.

You have a great team and provide such an excellent service (we used you for the Hens party also - My Fiancee organised that one).

You will be my first point of contact should I ever need to plan a day/night event in the future.



High Roller Buck for Joe!

Brisbane   >   19 Nov, 2016

Well what can I say - The poker was great, the topless dealer was better and the hummer ride was freaking epic. All the lads had a great night and can't stop talking about it.

you are my perfect little secret and believe me, I will be back for more!


Game On Package for Mikey!

Melbourne   >   06 Aug, 2016

Hi Lisa!

 My body and head are a bit tender today but only after a great day yesterday. I just wanted to drop a email about out hostess, she's a legend of a woman. A real pro, she kept every single guys drink topped up, had a great banter with everyone and could not have been more pleasent, fun and entertaining. She set up a game of beerpong for us, made sure my boy mark was takin care of and generally made the day fantastic. Everyone had a great day and spoke really highly of her and the team behind the bar. Thanks to all of you at  My Ultimate Bucks, I reckon a good experience deserves recognition so thanks alot.

Thanks guys, Mikey.

Mad Bucks for Jayden!

Sydney   >   30 Jul, 2016

Hi Ashley,

What an epic Bucks Party! Tony was psyched to hear we were going quad biking as it was on his bucket list so he definitely enjoyed himself.

You put together the best day I could think of and I wanted to thank you for holding my hand and answer the million questions I came up with. I will never organise another Bucks again as that's what I have you for!



Personalised Bucks Weekend for Adrian!

Gold Coast   >   14 May, 2016

Hey Team,

Thanks heaps for the Bucks party last weekend, it was so good. The guys all had fun and Chris was pretty impressed which helped!

We spent most of the weekend at the beach but the topless girls in the apartment were spot on and the dinner was awesome.

happy to do it all again some time.

Cheers, Adrian

Shoot & Seduce for Nathan!

Brisbane   >   13 Feb, 2016
Hi Tash
We had a great time over the weekend maybe even played a little to hard on Friday.  The guys at paintball put on a great event and I would recommend to people to head there and have a go.  The club did a good job the meal was better than we where expecting and they make a very fun and friendly atmosphere.  Thanks for all your assistance and we will be in touch when we have another event like this coming up.
Thanks Nathan